Sushi in the Sky

I love Sushi. I love sky bars. It’s safe to say that Sushi Samba then fits into my life very well.

We headed to Sushi Samba (in the Heron Tower) for drinks last night to celebrate a friend’s new job. With the daylight lasting as long as it has recently, it was so nice to be up there while it was still clear and light out – we could see the entire city out the window.

[I opted for the Chucumber drink – gin and cucumber – you’ll come to realize this is my go-to concoction!]

This was my second time at Sushi Samba – the first was a more complete dinner. This time, though, the outdoor bar was open and the place was much less crowded, allowing us a table near the bar and the opportunity to order some snacks. We each just had a cocktail and then shared a  couple of dishes. The cocktails are pricey (£14) but the food was not too bad – granted, we just nibbled, but it came to about £10 each between the four of us.


[A fantastic assortment of sushi rolls. We ordered green bean tempura as well which I could have eaten all night]

The view at Sushi Samba is phenomenal and the atmosphere is great as well. It’s on my list of places to visiting friends and I look forward to my next visit there! ✭✭✭✭ in my book.

[Happy campers and the Gherkin!]


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