5 Reasons to Travel with your Significant Other

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I am a huge advocate of traveling with your significant other, even if you are just in the early stages of your relationship getting out of town for a day. I think that Sean and I are incredible lucky that we’ve been able to travel together so much and it has definitely helped build our relationship to be as strong as it is. Plus, what couple wouldn’t want a collection of selfies in front of incredibly important structures?!

Here are five reasons why I encourage you to travel with your S.O.:

It gives you time to spend with only each other

Sean and I spend a lot of time with each other. But in that time, we spend a lot of time focused on work, on our phones, or just generally lazy and distracted. That’s the issue with being home. When we travel, though, all we really have to do when spending time together is enjoy it – no distractions whatsoever. There are no friends to entertain, no work phone calls to make, and no long to do lists of groceries, tasks, etc. This allows us to focus on each other and the adventure we are on.

 [Meet cold & grumpy sporty Sean, the expert snowboarder]

You get to see a whole new side of them

Whether it’s the nerdy side that likes reading every single thing in a museum or the sporty side that takes interest in a local sport or the foodie side who wants to eat eight meals a day just to try everything, traveling allows you to see your significant other outside of their comfort zone. You get to know each other better, learn more things about each other, and generally just get to grow closer when you are both in an unfamiliar environment. I remember that on our first trip (to Munich) I was so shocked because Sean (who is relatively quiet and speaks no German) was giving the language a try whenever we needed to order something. I, on the other hand, was just ordering things in English.

My tendency to end up in sticky situations has also revealed the problem-solver side of Sean who, from my blistering sunburn in Switzerland to my short skirt incident in Milan, has handled absolutely everything like a champ. In turn, this obviously means that traveling has revealed my problem CAUSING side to him…

 [Even something as simple as a nap and picnic in the park makes for a great memory]

Guaranteed memories to associate with your relationship

It could be getting lost, or making a fool out of yourself speaking another language, or even a phenomenal sunset you witnessed together – traveling almost always guarantees some sort of memory. When you are with your significant other, you can link that memory to your relationship. The memories (and the souvenirs) are then something (hopefully positive) you have to associate with each other and maybe seeing that picture with that amazing castle in the background as you’re flipping through your phone will lead to forgiveness after a petty argument!

 [Penguin lovers together forever]

You get to develop new shared interests

From Italian food to castles to a specific type of wine, traveling puts you in a situation where you can easily uncover new shared interests, or even perhaps develop a mutual interest by popping into a random museum to escape the rain and walking out three hours later both thinking “Wow, I actually do like abstract art!”

 [The incredibly romantic backdrop we had in Munich – fairytale castles included]

It’s romantic!

One on one time with each other, in a foreign (usually very historic, very beautiful) place which most likely has a specific area where you can see a gorgeous view. A new type of food, some local wine, magnificent desserts. Art, history, culture. Experiencing all of that with someone you love (even “like” if you’re not there yet) is probably one of the most romantic things you can do. Oh, and there’s sometimes fairytale castles or horse drawn carriages, too!

So, as I head off to Florence for an extended weekend with my baybeh (I asked Sean for a synonym of “significant other”), I recommend you sit down and plan a little adventure with yours. Don’t forget the selfies!


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Travel with your Significant Other

  1. Alex Duenkel August 14, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    Dear Kelly, I just found your blog and I am so impressed! Way to go girl!

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