Tube Reads

Reading Kindle on a train

[I got this photo from the Guardian because I felt too creepy taking my own!]

One of the things I had to sacrifice while at university is reading time. I absolutely love to read (always have) but could never find the time between studying, having a job, and doing all those things that college students do.

Since moving to London, I’ve thankfully gained this time back in my morning commute. I think I’ve finished more book this year than I did throughout the entirety of my time at BU! I have 20-30 minutes in the morning and evening where I honestly have nothing better to do than read. And this has resulted in me reading more in my free time at home, as well. Now, I’m just powering through book after book.

So… favorite reads? Here we go:

Time Out

Oh how I look forward to Tuesdays. For someone like myself, who loves trying new restaurants and bars and knowing about all the random pop ups in London, Time Out is the place to go. Granted, it also compels me to spend more money going to more restaurants than I need to, but it’s still my favorite nonetheless. Not to mention – these people can read my mind. I swear, their feature is always exactly what is on my mind at the moment (boozy brunch and rooftops recently!). I always feel “in the know” after my Tuesday commutes…..and have a full calendar!


Where Time Out can appeal to the masses, I find that Stylist appeals directly to me. From successful women to fashion events and general beauty tips, Stylist gives me the motivation to conquer the rest of the week. It’s issued on Wednesdays – the perfect Hump Day read! I also love how they stalk celebrities as much as I do – check out their Instagram roundup (it makes you feel like you’re friends with the celebs, doesn’t it?).

Chick Lit

I’m a huge advocate of reading novels which are 10 years below my reading level. That’s what makes reading fun! Chick li has always been my favorite and I love that new novels are popping up that are meant for adults but still have the funny, easy style associated with young adult chick lit. They leave me laughing out loud, tearing up, and often reluctant to get off the tube. My most recent read was The Royal We and I am looking forward to starting The Knockoff next (I am currently reading A Hundred Summers, but it does not quite fall into the YA chick lit category!).


I never have time to read the news, or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself. My favorite morning read is The Skimm, but that comes around 11am UK time, so in the mornings I like to catch up on news by reading the Economist Espresso (short snippets covering the most important stuff…it also allows me to check exchange rates so I can determine whether to use my $ or £ accounts on a given day). If I really want to be informed, I refresh the NY Times before heading underground and that can occupy me for quite awhile.


Although I hate to admit it, there’s something about having no service to receive new emails that makes it so much easier to answer old emails. This is more of a plane thing than a tube thing but I love going through and catching up on emails and drafting responses when I am without cell service. It’s a distraction-free method that leads to much better responses on my part…and I can get through so many so quickly!


Sometimes I’m just too tired. And sometimes it’s so nice to just say “forget it”, put the kindle away, and listen to my music with my eyes closed or just watch people. The only downside of this is when the train changes destination and I don’t hear the announcement…its always exciting for a morning commute to end up in the wrong place!


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