Favorites of Milan

Ah, my first Groupon Travel experience. I bought the trip as a Groupon “mystery getaway” where the destination was picked based on my available dates. Except then I had to pay more to actually spend more time there by having a late afternoon flight (surprise!).

Milan was a short trip so I’ll keep the post short as well. Food was fantastic, but our hotel was far out from everywhere we wanted to go. The city was gorgeous, but slightly dirty and much of it was under repair in prep for the Expo. Shopping was underwhelming but probably because I didn’t have any money to spend.

We ate tons of carbs and drank tons of coffee – what else are you to do in Milan?

[The best picture I could get of the Duomo without scaffolding included]

Favorite meal: Our DIY picnic. We picked up all sorts of food from Peck, a fantastic grocer, bought some picnic items at Tiger (best store for a random gadget lover like myself), and sprawled out under the sun in Parco Sempiere. Sun is not something we get much in London so this immediately wore is out and we woke up, still in the park, and hour later to learn that we missed our chance to hit the museums.   [Picnic in Parco Siempre, our new blanket included]

Favorite Restaurant: Thanks to my coworker Anastasia for this one! Da Rita e Antonio was everything I had hoped for in a local, family run Italian restaurant. The food was AMAZING (I wish I wasn’t so full when we went) and the staff were absolutely fantastic. Definitely something I recommend for anyone traveling to Milan.

Favorite Snack: Alright, so the weekend was pretty much constant eating – I’ll admit that much. We braved the queue at Luini (which really didn’t take long at all despite how it looks) to get (name??) and they were SO. GOOD. I got a savory (tomato and mozzarella) and a sweet, but never got around to eating the sweet. Oh my gosh my mouth is watering just thinking of them!

Best Memory: I almost got rejected from the Duomo. Because my dress was to short. Talk about feeling slut shamed. Thankfully Sean stepped in (as always) and told the guard “No, the dress just looks short because she’s short” – it worked, after tugging it down a bit as well, but that didn’t mean l felt any better walking around the place surrounded by a bunch of modestly dressed people.  

[Attempted selfie with the Duomo]

Extras: We were surrounded by models while grabbing cocktails at Serendepico (and they hand out a ton of free food during happy hour!). Our final stop was the restaurant on top of Museo del Novecento which overlooks the Duomo. Lovely way to say goodbye to Milan!

[Our final stop: wine and cold cuts with a view]

Next stop: Graduation in Boston


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