South of France: Nice & Monaco

Untitled picture

[On one of the side streets off of Prince’s Palace in Monaco…in my new hat!]

I had the privilege of my first (and favorite!) visitor in early March. My Boston roommate came over and conquered London in the week she was here (and considering my working hours she essentially did it all on her own!). Knowing we wouldn’t have that much time together during the week, we planned a quick trip to Nice for the weekend and it was….nice. I said I would avoid that joke but it’s the only word that fits! It was so great to be away from work for a bit and in the sun – plus, the food was AMAZING!

Untitled picture2

[The view of town from the beach]

Flights: EasyJet sale…couldn’t help myself!

Accommodation: Another Airbnb, and Desiree was an amazing host!

Transport Around: bus, bikes, and LEGS

We saw almost all of Nice on our first day there. Desiree have us some routes to choose from and we managed to do all of them. My favorite part was Castle Walk. This took us up to the highest point and gave us and incredible view. There was also a park at the very top which was super cute. I didn’t want to do the walk at first because I was exhausted, but it was well worth it!

Untitled picture3

[Fresh off the plane and on top of Castle Walk with Sara]

We also went toward the street market (closed) and had these little pizza things and Noisettes at a little café. Service was slow, which is expected, but it was a great snack!

On our way back to the flat, we stopped for wine and a charcuterie board at Flávio (?). What more could you want in Nice?!


On our second day, we went to Monaco and essentially did a wine crawl. We started by walking around and popping in the Japanese Gardens and then stopped for a break at Café de Paris near the Monte Carlo Casino. Our break consisted of wine, ice cream, and ogling at the incredibly chic passerbys. We attempted to get into the casino after to try our luck, but opted out to instead be outside in the incredible weather.

Untitled picture4

[Monaco harbor]

Untitled picture5

[The Japanese Gardens had the cutest little spaces like this]

After that, we headed to the other side of Monaco and stopped at a harbor side restaurant for a bottle of wine. There was live music and a nice breeze and I could have stayed there for hours.

Untitled picture6

[Wine and live music with a view of the yachts in the harbor]

We headed up to the prince’s palace where Sara tried (and failed) to flirt with a guard. After shopping and wandering down alleys, we eventually found the bus to make our way back to Nice. We popped into Boccaccio, which was an amazing seafood restaurant. The paella looked too big for our appetites, but I heard it’s amazing and definitely recommend someone tries it!

Untitled picture7

[Sara and her guard – this is the closest he would let her get]


Back in Nice for our last day, we hopped onto Velo Bleu bikes (after much struggle) and rode as far as we could in either direction. We then stopped at Balthazar (not the one you’re thinking of) for Perrier, escargot, and phenomenal salads. We finished our trip off with a bit more shopping and then picked up a baguette and Brie for the airport before heading there to make our return to London.

Untitled picture8

[Biking on our final day in the incredible weather]

I have heard previously that Nice is overrated and can understand that if it is really crowded and touristy in the summer. However, I did not feel that at all during our visit and would love to return!

Next stop: Skiing in Zermatt


4 thoughts on “South of France: Nice & Monaco

  1. jamesmdoran June 3, 2015 / 8:20 pm

    Nice post, anncredible part of the world…

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