It’s Travel Week on The Corporate Vagabond!

Travel Journals: where I fail at life. And where this blog was meant to save me. And it has in some way.

When I was traveling before, I was trying to write down everything I did in a physical notebook. I love notebooks. But, I was too exhausted by the end of the day to sit down and write, so I ended up forgetting. Then, it would be the end of the trip and I would be scrambling to get down all the details before they were completely wiped from my memory.

After switching to digital, I do track everywhere I go when traveling (many thanks to the travel section in my OneNote notebook!). I just haven’t quite picked up the posting discipline, but that ends today.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 21.42.23

[I use OneNote to not only plan potential trips, but store important  information on my upcoming

trips as well as track where I go and what I do while there.]

So, this week is travel week! As I prep for my trip to Florence, I am forcing myself to finally get around to posting about the other trips – Munich, Nice, Zermatt, and Milan!

I’m still experimenting with what format I want to use to track my adventures, but I want to be sure to cover the best sights of each city, the best food in each city, and my favorite memories.

Let the travel blogging begin!


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