Adult Stuff: Moving

My last day of college crept up on me all too soon and suddenly I had to be an adult. So, here is a series I will be doing for probably the next year until I can no longer get away with being shocked at the fact that I am now an adult. Adult Stuff – where Kelly figures out the ins and outs of real life.

It’s one thing to coordinate the move out of Boston (I’ve done it too many times now) but a completely foreign concept to coordinate a move abroad. I thought it was tough to fit four months worth of stuff in two suitcases – this time, I had the same two suitcases but had to cram in a whole year. My entire life in two suitcases! Side note: who knew it costs $400 to ship one box to England?!

Moving Logistics: So the past couple of weeks have consisted of me dealing with phone plans, packing, student loans, and last minute appointments….all while getting over the flu. I am now gone from DC permanently and I still can’t tell you what my UK health plan covers or why my hip keeps hurting; I should probably find out if my UK health plan covers emergency hip surgery.

I had finally given up on appointments (why the hip didn’t get addressed) and endless phone calls to various people (thanks mom for dealing with AT&T) and I was left with the small task of packing.

Packing: What you would assume would be a very easy thing for me at this point proved to be impossible. I was set to leave Friday; on Thursday I found myself with nothing but clothing packed, suitcases already approaching the weight limit, and a list of items I still needed to get. Yet, my friends won my time over the daunting reorganization that packing required, and my flight got pushed back two days.

With my extra two days, I continued to put off packing and would be productive for about an hour before taking a (well-deserved) three hour nap and attempting to pack again. Two (probably way more than two) items pushed a 40 lb suitcase up to 58 and I was left with more reorganization. I reached the desperate point of taking out any item that didn’t scream “Wear Me!” and finally nailed the weight limit – 48 lbs for one suitcase and 51 for the other. And then I found the pile of stuff I forgot to put in.

A day later, I had finally accomplished it. One suitcase was 49.5 lbs. The other was 50.0 – I’ve never been more proud in my life. It wouldn’t be possible to cram a piece of paper into my full carry on and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to lift it into the overhead bin (thanks gate check for not making me try!).

So, $450 later ($400 for the box I sent and $50 for my second bag on jetblue) I made it to Boston and then to the British Airways check in today so I’m done!….until the inevitable move back to America.

Money: Thanks to the above, I watched all three of my bank accounts die this week. Literally die. Here I was at the beginning of this month, so proud of how much money I had saved and ready to budget my life away. I was ready to spend my paychecks in lieu of my savings, leaving thousands of dollars in an account ready to be pulled as travel expenses at any spontaneous moment. Now, I’m still planning on only spending my paychecks, but mainly because I no longer have savings. Seriously – why do landlords need to hold six weeks rent untouched for a full year?

So, to conclude, being an adult is expensive and I haven’t even had to pay any bills yet! I’ve got my budget spreadsheet (which I was supposed to start using January 1) and a small sum left in my bank account, so I’m ready to wing it. I’m predicting a call to daddy in about 10 days.


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