Trekking Ahead

Last Friday, I turned 22.

On Tuesday, I will take my final finals of my college career. I’ll be done.

On Saturday, I will pack up my bags and leave my beautiful apartment in Brookline.

From then, I will be forced into the real world, to build my own career and become an adult and make important life decisions. And I’m terrified.

My current situation is the following

  • I have a place lined up to move into…in London
  • I have an incredible and wildly supportive boyfriend…in London
  • I have a job that will provide me with a ton of opportunity for growth…in London
  • I am making my final adjustments to my plans to leave on January 20…for London

I cannot say that enough. Where will you be next year? In London. What are you doing after graduation? Moving to London. Where did you get a job? In London.

I’m supposed to be excited. And I am. I’m so excited for the new adventures and growth that lie ahead. But I’m so scared. I’ve never been homesick and I’ve never been happy just sitting in one place for an extended period of time, so getting up and moving across the Atlantic seems perfect for me – and I think it is perfect. But there is still so much about being an adult that I know absolutely nothing about. There is so much uncertainty regarding my job and the exact position I will be working in. There is so much that can still fall apart. So, as I try to get excited, I find myself remaining hesitant because I am so scared that something will not work out, that I will risk it all – my employment, my money, my sanity – and end up right back in America within a couple of months.

But, this is my adventure, which I shall now set out on. I’m the young, 22-year-old, corporate vagabond, trying to figure out how to grow up and make it in the world of business while simultaneously experiencing the wonders of the world. And I’ll get to do it with people I love by my side.

Three days. Monday – cram for exams. Tuesday – take exams. Wednesday – this adventure starts. Three days and it all begins.


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