I find my life to be a bit of an oxymoron. I try to stay up with the latest fashions when it comes to my purchases but end up throwing on leggings and a top every single day. I truly enjoy fine literature but tend to opt for trashy young adult novels when I get a few minutes of free time. I constantly dream of fancy soirees that require nice dresses, but dread the thought of wearing heels. I’m well beyond my years in terms of professionalism but care more about traveling the world and would give up a career to do so in a moment’s notice.

Most importantly, I love blogging, but  I’m so terrible at keeping up with blogs. This is my sixth I believe. The good news is that I can hold onto a blog longer than I can hold onto a relationship, but that’s not saying much anyway.

So this is the introduction message that I’ve written too many times to count, introducing my new blog–a fresh start. But this is the one that is the most me–a place to write about traveling and wandering around cities but also to write about my professional discoveries, my entrance into the real world, the struggles of a twenty-something. I guess I shouldn’t use the word “corporate” yet since I am still technically a business student, but that’s the other thing to note about me: I think about three years in advance.

So here I go!


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