I remember under seven months ago when I was going to a bar in Dublin that I thought was called “bruck-sills.” It had become our favorite place to start our nights out in Dublin (well, second favorite. I think Merchant’s Arch will always take the cake), yet we spent almost the entire summer pronouncing it wrong.

So here I am, a day after returning from Bruxelles (yes, Brussels, not “bruck-sills”) for a field trip, wondering why someone would ever name their bar Bruxelles. The city is the first of all that I’ve visited that didn’t leave me with the “I could see myself living here” feeling upon departure. It was somewhat ugly, aside from a few pretty areas. It was dirtier than any city I’ve ever seen before. And I just couldn’t figure out the people–they were weird, sketchy, and just weird and sketchy.

Was it a cool field trip? Well, the concept of it was cool–who wouldn’t want to travel to a different country on the school’s dime to experience something that is somehow related to the class when it barely is? The educational part included visiting the European Council, European Commission, European Parliament, and Parliamentarium. Lecture after lecture after lecture about the same thing and then a museum that made absolutely no sense to me.

The fun part included eating. Waffles, frites, crepes, mussels, more waffles, more frites, some beer here and there, and so much chocolate that I feel a mix of happy and nauseous when I think about it. The food was phenomenal–that is one thing that I will give this city. I could be happy living there if I could eat all day every day and never had to leave the pretty areas, but I’m assuming that would leave me poor and 300 lbs. so it’s not really an option in my mind.

All in all, it was an unorganized and unnecessary trip but it was better than sitting in 8 hours of class over the span of the same two days. And the food made it somewhat worth it. However, I’m not sure if I could return or recommend the trip to anybody. Hopefully my next trip in Belgium, to Bruges, will prove better.

IMG_8031[1][the pretty part]


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