Crofton Life

We have arrived and we are settled! Martha and I have made a new home in our tiny little room and feel quite settled for only having been here a day. We experienced the greatness of pay&pick up shopping, where you don’t have to walk around a store (yay for lazy people), we’ve gotten lost multiple times, and Martha experienced her first Tube ride today, including my navigational skills that put us on a train going the wrong direction.

We have a lovely kitchen table/desk/nightstand combination going on the the room. They even gave us mismatch chairs (one black, one lime green). The closet space is splendid, though, and we’ve taken full advantage of being able to control the temperature in our room.

London thus far has consisted of some shopping, about four naps, and a couple of meetings. Tomorrow starts the orientation life and we will be true Londoners by the end of it. The new adventure has begun!

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