It’s a Wrap

The hardest semester of my life is (almost) over. We’re talking a 130 page business plan and a nerve-wrecking presentation out of the way. The only thing standing between me and freedom is a thing called finals (well, four of them).

So here’s to the end of the semester. To turning 21. To packing up and heading off to London. And to being a part of the most incredible organization on Boston University’s campus (Theta, I’m talking to you!). As I looked around the room at chapter tonight, my final one until the fall, I couldn’t grasp the fact that I would not be here next semester. As I was saying goodbye to my friends, I didn’t realize that it would be the last time I would see them for a while. Being a part of something so great is something that one cannot even fathom unless they experience it. We celebrate our ups, we pray for each other through tough times, we wish each other luck on big feats and party when we conquer them. We push each other forward, raise each other up, and ground each other. To be a part of Kappa Alpha Theta is to be a part of a huge family, and I am so sad that I will be temporarily away from that family next semester.

To live in an apartment with three incredible girls is to be a part of another family. We sit on the couch all day long and laugh at the dumbest things. We scream and wake up the neighbors and then complain to each other when the neighbors wake us up. We judge each other on every action we take, but don’t hesitate to do stupid things knowing that. We go days where we only eat vegetables followed by days where we only eat chocolate. We appreciate wine and sweets and cheesy movies and each other. We appreciate the Kardashians and Dance Moms. We appreciate the absurd amount of dogs that exist between the four of us (9…what). I am constantly with these three girls that I love so much, and who I know love me.

And then there is my actual family. My dad, who would give anything to see me succeed and who goes out of his way to celebrate every success I have. My mom, who I can turn to for anything and who will fly up to Boston when I just need a break. My brother, who I actually aspire to be. And my dogs–the only people who are excited to see me 100% of the time.

So now that I actually have a moment to breath (though I really should be studying instead), I am able to realize how much I will be leaving behind when I head off to see the world next semester. And I think this is the first time that I’ve ever felt a little bit of sadness in that respect. However, I cannot wait to be with my London family, two of my best friends, and to frolic around Europe and experience things we will never get the chance to experience again. So, once again, here’s to that.


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