Summer Untold

I actually cannot understand how I went the entire summer without blogging. The ratio of things that happened to things I wrote about is basically infinity and I can’t handle it. After the greatest summer of my life, here I am, on a Sunday morning, lounging on the couch with my roommates and missing Dublin and I can’t even read through blog posts to cry and laugh and miss it even more.

So, instead, I flip through pictures. I reminisce on the night my phone was stolen. And I text everyone that was with me in Dublin saying that I miss them and we need to reunite and we need to go back pronto. But it isn’t the same as having written accounts. So my goal for London is the notify everyone of anything and everything that is happening. Kelly in Kensington–except I am NOT creating a new blog.

Until then….it’s all about life from 11 Euston. The true Princess Party. The roommates who never leave the couch.





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