To Be Comfortable In Your Skin

I was originally going to write about what a great day I had at work today, but then I came across this video and my day got even better:

I couldn’t agree with what Jessica had to say more, but it was also something I had never thought about before, and I absolutely loved the way she approached the introduction of her swimsuit line. I’m a girl who has never been fully comfortable in her body, and all of my friends can tell you that. Yet, as uncomfortable as I feel in a bikini, I feel even more uncomfortable in a tankini or a cute one-piece simply because I worry about what other people think.

But why do I need to worry if people aren’t thinking the best things anyway? I love the idea of modesty–that’s the reasoning behind my favorite black dresses and why I prefer a red pencil skirt to a black bandage skirt. Why not make a statement and still feel comfortable? With the red pencil skirt for example, I feel that I look good, I know that red sends signals of being bold and confident, and I look more like a woman than a girl trying to attract all of the boys.

That’s the word–boys. Not men. I reached a point a while back where I decided that, if somebody is not going to take the time to get to know me because I’m a bit curvier, or because I’m wearing more clothes than any of the other girls, then that isn’t somebody I want in my life anyway. It’s just another boy, too tied up in their hormones to even get to know how ambitious I am, or experience the oddities that make me me. Yet, even after I decided this, I never really acted on it because I didn’t feel like it was accepted.

However, what wouldn’t be accepted of wanting to be viewed as a human rather than an object?

Now, I have absolutely nothing against people who wear bikinis or bandage skirts (even I do sometimes) and I completely admire the friends of mine who can prance around the beach with everything showing and not even have a single care about it, but I’m just saying that I don’t necessarily feel like I need to try to be someone I’m not anymore. Maybe my friends will do a double take when they see me wearing a tankini on the beach, wondering where it came from, but it’s not like they’ll refuse to be seen with me. It’s simply the version of myself that I’m most comfortable with and that I want to be seen as–not a hot girl, but rather a confident woman. When you’re confident, and comfortable in your own skin, there is nothing that can make you more beautiful.




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