Thoughts from the Train

As I write this, I am on a train from Munich to Geneva. Well, actually, it takes three trains, but I’m on the first. It’s funny because I planned on writing so much more this summer, using Europe as my “muse,” yet the first time I’m actually sitting down to write is on a train without wifi.

I’ve written about trains before, probably on my first tumblr, and I’ve centered one or two short stories around these sleek locomotives. I don’t know what originally sparked my fascination with trains and train stations, but it has been around for while and it hit me hard this morning. As I was standing at the MUC station, looking at the departure board, a sense of wanderlust crashed over me. There were so many names up on that board, endless possibilities of where to go and when. Trains moved in and out of there faster than students switching classes, each one taking a number of stories with it.

Cut to: Crewe train station, United Kingdom
Traveling the past couple of days had made me hate trains, yet love them even more. I just got off my first train of the day and I’ll get on my second within the hour, followed by a ferry. It will take 11 hours total to get to Dublin from Edinburgh, two places I used to think were so close to each other. I’m actually quite mad at myself for picking a place that is so remote to study abroad this summer–central to Ireland but remote from the rest of the world.

I supposed I’ll have to occupy myself with football matches and horse races as opposed to visiting cathedrals and high streets across Europe.

My story about trains has now become a rant about traveling, so I think I’ll call this one quits. First official blog post from my summer abroad–you can tell it’s going to be a series of really great thoughts. Cheers!


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