Writing Styles

When I picture myself writing, I like to think of Carrie Bradshaw, or Annie’a current status in 90210. I think of my summers sitting on the front porch of the beach house as the sun is rising, just dabbling away on my laptop about the mysteries of summer. I remember the random times I’ve stumbled into random coffee shops or crowded book stores just for a change of scenery and inspiration.

And then I sit down to write. And all that spills out is complaint after complaint. Like, it’s great that there’s some cool things going on in my life, but I would much rather ramble on about my stressful classes than the awesome party I went to over the weekend.

In the summer I have this freedom. I can write about anyone, anything. This summer in Dublin will be no exception. At school, though, there is no room for anything other than school and stress. I can’t sit down and write a cute little quip on a scenario in my life. I can’t write relationship advice (if anything I should be reading some). And I’ve started at least twelve fictional stories and none of them have made it past a page.

College is great. I have a good time and I will most likely end up with a career or the opportunity to go to grad school. But it’s also the biggest roadblock to creativity. I can summarize a few court cases for you, I can calculate bad debt and overhead costs, and I can tell you how to improve your cover letter, but I can’t even write a blog post more than once or twice a month. I can’t event come up with a topic to write about that often, because I guarantee you don’t want to read a post on managerial accounting.

So I’ve lost my creativity. I don’t even know how to write anymore–my individuality and flare are gone (thanks WR100)–but I’m determined to get it back. So enjoy the most random posts you’ll ever find. Maybe I will have found my old self by this summer; if not, a new literary adventure begins!

A girl who sacrificed her dream to settle for a practical career and now likes to bitch about losing her creativity


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