Career Advice from the one without a Career: #1

This is all you’ve ever wanted right? Career advice from the unemployed second year business student. I mean, I’m practically an expert.

(Lame) jokes aside, though, I have learned a few things in my years of internship experience. And they’re things worth sharing, or at least I think so. But I also think my jokes are funny and that I’m going to be famous one day, so…….

Career Tip #1: Don’t offer up the time you don’t have.

I’ve always been one of those girls to offer help where needed. I help my friends with their homework, fellow officers with their tasks, and my dad when it comes to typing up proposals (my dad literally types slower than a toddler). So, naturally, I don’t put myself first when it comes to my time–after all, why not help everyone in the world instead of helping myself? My life usually goes as follows: I dig myself into a hole of stress, and then instead of trying to get out I continue to dig…and dig…and dig.

So, it’s the last month of classes. And I’m really just over school altogether. Instead of taking a break, though, I’ve stretched myself thin. I maybe have 30 free seconds in a day and that time is filled with the eighty extra tasks that I decided to take on out of the goodness of my heart. Why? Because I want to be nice, I want people to think of me as a team player and write amazing recommendations for me. I’m trying to prepare for a future career by setting up these great relationships but I’m only destroying myself in the process. But good recommendations aren’t going to help me sleep. Or relax.

So, now, it’s the day before formal and I have stress blemishes, and my hair is a hot mess because I haven’t had time to eat healthy food. Actually, I haven’t eaten a meal in quite some time. And Whole Foods opened today so obviously that’s where I want to be. I’m going into my presentation this evening completely sleep deprived and feeling like an ogre, all because I wanted to be nice.

Nice girls never win. Put yourself first.


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