Collecting Postcards

Today was just another day where I found myself wandering around the MFA. It was supposed to be the day that I finally saw the Mario Testino exhibit, but after only seeing the British Royals segment, I got distracted with the postcard exhibit and then the museum closed.

I want to say I’m sad about missing out on the exhibit yet again, but I’m still too obsessed with the postcard exhibit to even care. 

There’s something so magical about what postcards used to be. They were real photos, printed onto paper with a postcard back, and mailed to loved ones. They told stories. They were so much more than a last minute gift.

It made me think of all the times I tried to collect postcards. And I decided to go down that road again, to pick up little pieces of the world everywhere I go. I’ll get multiples in each city, keep the ones that are sent to me, and try to find vintage ones every chance I get. I’ll begin to write my own story, through postcards.

Maybe, one day, I’ll have enough to put on display at the MFA.

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