Is this what they call productivity?

I woke up at 7 this morning. And loved it. I wish I had time to make some coffee and a real breakfast, but even without that it was such a great morning. I grabbed a hard-boiled egg and a banana as I ran out the door at 730 and headed to the dry cleaners to drop off some clothes. I made it to the DMV by 8 and, despite the fact that they were experiencing system malfunctions, made it out of there by 9. After getting my passport photo taken and dropping my dad at work, I managed to be on time to my 10:00 dentist appointment and flew out of there with time to spare before my next appointment. I popped in Nordstrom Rack for a quick browse, then swung by the post office to get my passport renewed and headed home. I was home, dogs outside, and reading on the couch by 12. Now that’s what I call a productive morning!

Naturally, I rewarded myself with a much needed facial and some downtime in the spa lounge next to the fire with a cup of tea and my book. Then I grabbed a lovely snack with a friend before I headed off to meet my dad and Mary for dinner.

At the end of this day, I great day, I’m quite sad that I’ll be heading back to Boston tomorrow, and that it doesn’t appear that I’ll be spending any decent amount of time back here any time soon.

This is the first time I’ve felt homesick. And I’m still home.


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