When 20 Is Enough

I’ve been saying it since I got home and I’ll say it again: life in London is just different. And I miss it.

It’s one thing to actually be old enough to have a glass of wine with dinner and go out to the pub with friends. It’s entirely different, though, to be in a city that you absolutely love. I fell in love with London four years ago when I went for the first time, and that love was revitalized and deepened this time around.

Imagine a city with friendly people. Gentlemen, polite salespeople (except at Harrods but who is surprised?), and absolutely wonderful taxi drivers. Seriously, not only do they actually follow that brilliant light system that the Boston and NYC drivers pretend don’t exist, but there were so many times when they didn’t make us pay the full amount because they didn’t want to get change. That just doesn’t happen here.

There is so much history in London but there is still so much youth. With trendy stores and hopping pubs, you don’t even realize that you’re in a tourist trap…..until you decide to go to the Tower of London and regret it shortly thereafter.

I am so happy that I got to enjoy such a great trip with one of my best friends and that I had the opportunity to make more friends there. I’m quick to make this observation, but I’m pretty sure that I belong somewhere in the UK and I can’t wait to return there soon!


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