New Year, New Blog

Are we really surprised? This is my–what, 10th blog now? I’ve enjoyed KUWKK too much and just wanted something to talk about non-Kylie related stuff with, so our joint blog isn’t filled with my obnoxious stories and random deep thoughts.

So here it is–I’m calling it Kelly, Unwrapped because this is me as bare as can be. My thoughts, my journeys, my dreams all in written form. Read, don’t read. Enjoy or ignore. I’m just sitting at my desk writing an open book.

Happy 2013, and here’s to a year that will never be forgotten. Because, based on the start that I’ve already had, it’s looking like it’ll be just that–unforgettable, productive, and a hell of a lot of fun.

A little inspiration to start off the year: “Because if you want to do something big, you have to be crazy enough to believe you can; and without that belief, the impossible remains impossible.” – Jason Russell

Love to all,



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